Human Factor


The Impact of an Efficient Workflow; See how an inefficient
workflow can lead to hilarious but also costly incidents.
Siebrand Weening, MaxGrip

Asset Manager 2.0; the ticket to a successful Asset Management
organization now and in the future.
Michael van den Dungen Bille and Wilco Schot, Performico

How Clustered Maintenance boosts Waternet's Employee
Efficiency and Satisfaction among their Technical Workforce.
Corine Hoogenbosch, Waternet

Online knowledge; an unavoidable future; Online knowledge:
an unavoidable future.
Peter Goeijenbier, Supportpoints




Safety and Energy savings on our compressed air system.
Peter Boon, UE Systems

Spillages as well as minor explosion live exhibition.
George Scroubelos+RDM Training Plant, EFNMS EHSEC

Asset Integrity Management: How to Manage the Safety
Critical Element Risk though out Operation Phase.
Eduardo Calixto, ECC

A whale is not a goat, is it? Deepen the understanding of
incorrect assumptions and how to prevent them.
Sander Momberg & Mark Wijering, MME Group


Smart Industry


Artificial Intelligence in Maintenance
Avi Nowitz, SKF AI

Trouble implementing your VR training innovation?
Rudi Dullens, Blue Tea bv

Practical issues in maintenance data collection, processing
and analysisence in Maintenance

Tiedo Tinga, Netherlands Defence Academy

A practical application of Maintenance 4.0 in support of
traditional maintenance management processes.
Robert van Grunsven, Pragma/CMS Asset Management

The Roadmap to Digitalization for Waternet: Steps, Learnings,
Challenges and APM Solutions
Eljakim Koopman, Waternet

Improving asset reliability by leveraging OT & IT data to
reduce unplanned outages.
Ronald de Kok, MaxGrip

The data landscape: where buildings have a serving role.
Menno de Jonge, Royal BAM Group nv

Energy savings with Ultrasound
Peter Boon, UE Systems Inc.




Flange Integrity Management as a contributor to our circular economy by
reducing the level of greenhouse gas emissions.
Peter Dijkgraaf, Dijkgraaf Support BV

Maintainability of assets: a pillar of sustainability.
Antoine Despujols, AFIM

Sustainable Asset Management: maintaining our most valuable asset.
Hilde Feenstra, Local Works

Thermal Spraying and lasercladding: how, why and applications.
Roelf Vedder, Revamo bv


Assest Performance Management

Maintenance within Asset Management

Janez Tomazin, EAMS EFNMS

The next step in Risk Based CUI Management
Geert Henk Wijnants, The next step in Risk Based CUI Management

Tracing and eliminating the source of PQ (Power Quality) faults
Jan Verploegen, VeriteQ

Develop and execute a multi-site asset management deployment program
Marc Broekhoven, MaxGrip

Multisite benchmarking and Maintenance Excellence at

Remco Jonker, Mainnovation

Improve the Asset Availability; cost ratio focused spare parts inventory
Jurgen Donders, Gordian Logistic Experts BV

Maintenance Body of Knowledge

Antoine Despujols, EFNMS

Asset Health Indicator; how the different data can be combined
Alex Veersma, Hoogheemraadschap van Rijnland

Optimizing your Rotating Equipment Performance
Egon Doyer

Maintenance Strategy Review
Marcel van Nielage, SKF

Reliability 4.0; Automatic Asset Management Performance Index Process
Eduardo Calixto, ECC

How to reap the fruits of your first APM improvements
Martijn Hadders, Henkel Adhesives