EuroMaintenance22 November 2022
Techsharks commits to Maintenance NEXT and EuroMaintenance

Download the pdf of the article here.

Techsharks participates in Maintenance NEXT as an exhibitor and has committed itself as a Gold Partner to EuroMaintenance. As a specialist in the field of technical vacancies, they will mainly focus on the human factor.


Techsharks has had experience in the manufacturing and process industry since 2002. As a result, they have built up a pool of 250 qualified technical specialists (sharks). The specialized organisation knows what moves this special breed. Whatever assignment any organization has, they will advice and help to solve challenges. Their sharks are:

• driven to make the production process extremely effective
• always hungry for more to keep learning and developing
• highly adaptive as they are, they adapt to any work environment - and situation
• determined to achieve goals
• naturally equipped with a healthy dose of pride and self-confidence
• a breath of fresh air, because they have often carried out an assignment for several partners


Currently there is a lot of stress within the Industry to attrack and to preserve good technicians. This is a topic which is already a boardroom item at Techsharks for many, many years. Because of that they already managed to set up an excellent strategy to become an attractive employer. Mainly by offering challenging projects, stimulating education and personal development and offcourse a more then decent income. Besides these important conditions Techsharks has a unique culture which is defined in specific core values. Joining Techsharks is not just becoming their next employee. It’s being part of the current in the blue ocean of technical talent.


"To mention 'the war on (tech)talent’ is a lousy excuse from companies who don’t have a good strategy to attract and preserve their most valuable asset: people!” sais Jeroen Tijink, CEO Techsharks. Christian van Vessem, Commercial Director; "It is in our DNA to seek the constant connection with other parties. Think of regular education, government and industry. Alone you go far, together you go further!” Van Vessem is convinced that many ideas will be exchanged during EuroMaintenance when it comes to the technical labor market. In addition to a Key Note, Techsharks also provides a workshop and organizes a live Inspiring Table.