EuroMaintenance21 July 2022
MaxGrip is a proud partner of EuroMaintenance 2023

People are pivotal

Much has changed in the world of Maintenance and Asset Performance Management in MaxGrip’s 25 years as a consultancy firm. However, having done projects across the globe and in a variety of industries during those years we can say that one thing is indisputable: people are a key success factor.


In Asset Management improvement projects, middle managers are usually the owner of the project. They have to get employees on the shop floor to go along with the changes. Senior managers act as a sponsor in the background. Maintenance, Operations, Engineering and other departments ideally work together, understanding and respecting each other’s intents and perspectives while striving for a common, overarching goal.


> Variety. Obviously, this is too simplistic as we all know from experience that reality is not that straightforward. There are many interests and factors at play that can vary from company to company. To name a few: the financial possibilities, running processes, systems and tools, KPIs, laws and regulations, people’s ability to change, the company culture and national culture. Factors like these make every project seem unique. Yet, in the consultancy projects we carry out at MaxGrip we also see many similarities in challenges, themes and ambitions between companies, irrespective of their location or the industry they operate in.


> Human Factor is key. One such recurring theme is the 'human factor’ and internal adoption of changes; how to act so that people embrace a transformation making business improvements stick. Despite all the attention given to digital transformation, Industry 4.0 and technological advancements, people are pivotal for successful asset management. It is therefore not surprising that the human factor is one of the themes of EuroMaintenance 2023. The conference is an excellent opportunity for our consultants to share their knowledge and experience with industry peers. To partner with our customers and share best practices in workshops. To engage in conversation with participants and conference guests, to inspire and be inspired.


MaxGrip is a proud partner of EuroMaintenance 2023. We look forward to coming together next year with all those Maintenance and Asset Management professionals with whom we share common interests. Now that really is 'Asset Management at its Best.’ 


Lisa Kamphuis
Global Marketing Manager MaxGrip