EuroMaintenance07 September 2020
Construction Rotterdam Ahoy Convention Centre on schedule

Construction Rotterdam Ahoy Convention Centre on schedule

Rotterdam Ahoy stands at the dawn of a huge expansion. Currently a big new building is rising at the Zuiderparkweg with a brand new auditory and meeting rooms. Next year from 29 to 31 March EuroMaintenance will take place in the new building, while at the Convention- & Event halls the trade fair Maintenance NEXT will be organized.


The Rotterdam Ahoy Convention Centre consists of the biggest auditory in the Netherlands with a maximum capacity of 2863 set seats (expendable to 4000) and no less than 35 breakout rooms. It makes it the perfect venue for congresses.


Versatile usable

Rotterdam Ahoy will be using the brand-new meeting rooms provided with state-of-the-art facilities. On the second and third floor 35 of these spaces will be created, which can be used separately or together. These meeting rooms are suitable for fifty to a thousand people. '’We are very happy about that, because all workshops can take place here during EuroMaintenance’’ says Pieter Bas Dujardin, project manager of Rotterdam Ahoy. They can be sorted in different ways by sliding walls. The biggest room, called '’The Rotterdam’’ has a floor space of 2500 square meters.


Construction on schedule

The construction of the Rotterdam Ahoy Convention Centre is totally on schedule. The structural work is finished and the installations are in place. The following months all existing systems will be plugged in, adjusted and tested. The completion of the building is in progress and in the second half of the summer suppliers will start installing and equipping. This autumn the first events will take place. Dujardin: '’The floor and the twinkling light ceiling in the new entrance are a preview of the RACC. '’It does not only look good: the new building will feel very comfortable. Workshop leaders, the TOPspeakers, the sponsors and all involved will quickly feel safe and welcome here’’.

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The facts

There was a lot invested. Besides 9000 light fixtures, there is 43 kilometres of power cables and 95 kilometres of data cables. Furthermore, 65 kilometres of isolation tubes are placed and four transformers to power the entire complex. There are 35 distribution boxes per floor. Dujardin: '’Our contractor Heijmans will place 248 toilets, 60 kilometres of floor heating tubes and to fight the cold, 17 air curtains were mounted. To maintain 425.000 cubic metres of fresh air in the entire building, it has been equipped with 330 nozzle plenums.


Fifty years Ahoy

The key handover has to take place in September, after which a soft-launch period starts. It ends at the end of the year, followed by the grand opening early 2021. In September 2020 the building will be delivered and January 2021, Ahoys 50th anniversary, the grand opening will take place.


Unique convention

Late march the biggest Asset Management event ever to happen in Europe takes place: EuroMaintenanceNEXT. The unique cooperation between the NVDO, Rotterdam Ahoy and the EFNMS is the most important meeting place for consigners, government, contractors and suppliers. Read more at


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