EuroMaintenance10 March 2020
Call for Excursions

Call for Excursions



Showing is key

From 29 - 31 March 2021, the Netherlands is host of the largest Maintenance convention of Europe: EuroMaintenance2021. With an approximate 2,500 visitors, this event is the most important platform for Maintenance and Asset Management. For three full days, all visitors will get to experience a variety of valuable keynotes, excursions and workshops. Here, they can learn new skills, exchange information and knowledge or expand their network. In addition to this, EuroMaintenance is collaborating with MaintenanceNEXT on behalf of EFNMS!


During EuroMaintenance we intend to offer international parties a stage and audience. Connecting professional,s not only from Europe but globally, is an important staple in this event. To ensure this goal, the program is built up of four pillars: Showing, Seeing, Hearing, Doing!


Call for Excursions

Leading up to the EuroMaintenance 2021, we are looking for companies in and around Rotterdam interested in hosting an excursion. Taking place in Ahoy Rotterdam, EuroMaintenance 2021 will welcome thousands of maintenance professionals from all over the world in Europe’s largest maintenance event. Visitors will have the opportunity to visit local companies, showcasing the strength of Dutch maintenance. We invite you to submit your company as a host for one of these excursions.


Leading up to EuroMaintenance 2021, NVDO and EFNMS (European Federation of National Maintenance Societies) invite you to send in your excursion proposal. We want our visitors to experience the best of Maintenance Europe has to offer and that might be your company(product).


If your plant, warehouse, facility or otherwise is suitable for maintenanceprofessionals to visit and in the direct area of Rotterdam Ahoy, then please join EuroMaintenance excursionprogram. We invite you to contribute to Europe’s largest and most important event for Maintenance and Asset Management by opening your companylocation.



·      All excursions will last 90 minutes, excluding transport and including

       introduction and wrap-up

·      All excursions will be held in English

·      The host must provide sufficient Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for all

       attendees should the location require

·      The host must be within a 20km radius from Ahoy Rotterdam Convention


·      All additional costs are the hosting company’s own. For example: transport,

       guest catering, gifts, staff, etcetera

Excursion proposals are due 1st of July 2020.


Send in your Excursions

Please fill in the Call for Excursions, or visit our website at where you can find all important information, news and updates regarding EuroMaintenance and our digital Call for Excursions.


Thank you on behalf of the EuroMaintenance 2021-Team