Call for Workshops

Leading up to the EuroMaintenance 2021, we invite you to send in your workshop proposal. Taking place in Rotterdam Ahoy, the Netherlands, EuroMaintenance 2021 will welcome thousands of maintenance professionals from all over the world in Europe’s largest maintenance event. Visitors are able to attend multiple workshops relating to several themes and topics.

Asset Management at its best!

We want our visitors to experience the best of maintenance and asset management Europe has to offer. Following the theme of EuroMaintenance 2021 - "Asset Management at its best!” - attendees will be offered a variety of interactive sessions regarding Maintenance and Asset Management.

EuroMaintenance provides eye-opening experiences, revealing blind-spots and memorable sessions. So, we encourage you to come up with a hands-on workshop proposal. How will you encourage interaction? Will you be teaching your attendees a new technique? Will you learn your audience how to make the most modern maintenance analysis? Create something new, generate ideas? Will you use digital media, physical media, or a combination?

Workshops must fit into one of the five overall themes:

  1. Human Factor
    f.e.: Scarcity of technically trained staff, aging professionals, limited resources.
  2. Safety
    f.e.: Work safety & competence, cyber security, culture / change management.
  3. Sustainability
    f.e.: Remanufacturing, circular life cycles, climate neutrality, energy transition.
  4. Smart (Industry)
    Virtual and/or Augmented Reality, IoT, OT, Robotization, CMMS / EAM.
  5. Asset Performance Management
    Creating Value, competence, RCM / RBI / FMEC.

Also keep in mind who your workshop is intended for. Are your attendees the Technicians, the Supervisors, or the Managers?

Combine these features with a mission statement, and your workshop proposal is sure to be a success!


Workshop Guidelines

  • All workshops will last 45 minutes;
  • Workshops will be based upon the lecturer's own professional experience. The workshops are not meant for (self-)promotion or commercial purposes
  • EuroMaintenance will facilitate the room, audio/visual essentials such as a projector and office tools such as a flip-over. All additional costs, e.g.handouts or certificates, are the instructor’s own
  • Instructors are not obligated to attend the congress, however; should they want to attend the remainder of the event, they must purchase a ticket
  • Costs for transportation and accommodations are the instructor’s own
  • All workshops will be able to accommodate a minimum 35 attendees
  • All workshops will be held once
  • All workshops will be held in English
  • Workshop proposals are due 1st of May 2020

All proposals will be reviewed by the Workshop Committee. Chosen proposals will be notified before 2nd of September 2020 about their inclusion in the main program of EuroMaintenance.


Submitting your proposal

To submit your workshop proposal, please fill in the attached form and mail it to Any questions regarding the workshops may be directed to Sade Schönhage, Project Manager at NVDO using the aforementioned e-mail address. Please note: incomplete forms will not be processed.